Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'll be out of town...

until April 8. I'm doing the One of a Kind Show in Toronto with my jewellery. Booth L-25, come by and say Hi if you're at the show!

Cindy G

Fellow Vancouverite Cingy G has a fabulous shop full of original art. She's also a makeup artist, and her work reflects that in the close up imagery and the beautiful vintage beauty shots of the women.
I love the soft focus, romantic feel of her work. She uses vintage images from her collection of rare, foreign fashion magazines, along with ephemera of collected old documents. Most of her collages come embellished with Swaroski Crystals or gold leaf to add a little sparkle. Her work is a wonderful combination of old meeting new.
She sells her work to various stores in Vancouver and Indiana, and with every purchase you get a free ACEO to sweeten the deal!
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mincing Mockingbird

I love birds. I guess you could say I'm a bird nerd in training... One day I'll be one of those retirees who are never without their binoculars and Audubon book!
I guess this is why I love Mincing Mockingbird's shop so much... birds, birds and more birds! He's done a great job of capturing a bird's spirit, the way they cock their head and the glint in their eyes. His use of colour is just fantastic and I love how the birds look like they're posing for a portrait.
Mincing Mockingbird is a Los Angeles based artist whose Etsy shop sells everything from Original Acrylic paintings and prints, to magnets and ACEO's.
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Friday, March 27, 2009


Mark Traughber is the Pittsburgh artist behind Bloodle. He does these incredible stencilled spray painted original paintings on wood panel... each is one of a kind.
When I first saw his avatar I thought his shop was photographs of grafitti, but upon closer inspection I saw that the reason I *thought* this was the medium... spray paint and stencils. I'm a huge fan of *good* grafitti, I take photographs of it frequently during my travels, so I hope Mark takes that as a compliment! I love the way they all look together as a group, so graphic and bold.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cabin + Cub

Valerie Thai is the artist behind Vancouver based Cabin + Cub. I was impressed with her Etsy shop, but when I visited her website I was doubly impressed! Prior to creating her own company, Valerie was the award-winning head designer and art director of Adbusters Magazine for 5 years. It's a magazine that I've always admired for it's message and humour and I'm also proud that it was founded right here in Vancouver.
Schooled at both the University of British Columbia and The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (my Alma mater) Valerie began producing her wonderful collection of collages, gocco printed stationary and woodburnings, and has been selling them on Etsy as well as in shops across Canada and the U.S.
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Laura George

Laura George is an artist and illustrator living in the windy city of Chicago. I've always wondered if that is a fitting moniker...I've never been there myself, but have heard it's a great cultural city!
I'm loving this shop so much right now.... I had a really hard time deciding which 3 images to feature, they are all so different and adorable! Her shop sells mainly prints of her original ink drawings. They are so wonderfully colourful and fun, and I love the Japanese sensibility about her work.
She also welcomes custom work, so check out her Etsy shop for more details.
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ADDENDUM : I just bought the blue monster... I had to have him!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Clark

John Clark is an Ann Arbor, MI artist whose graphic and bold style I just love. I adore anything involving book pages and the written word, and there's just something so provocative about his images. He has both prints and original art in his shop, and takes custom orders. Wouldn't something like this be great for a wedding invitation? A photo of the couple, but totally original...
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Bailey Doesn't Bark

Re Jin Lee is the New York City based designer of Bailey Doesn’t Bark, a contemporary wares and paper goods company. Originally from Brazil, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Faculdade Santa Marcelina – São Paulo, and began her career as a fashion designer and stylist.
The call of the artist couldn't be ignored though, so she started Bailey Doesn't bark to fullfill that dream. I love the humour of her products... imagine eating your morning cereal from a bowl with a cockroach on it, or taking your dishes with ants on them to a picnic! I'm especially partial to her Four Seasons collections as well. Simple and beautiful!
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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Holly Strate is the wonderful and talented person behind Hollyhawk. I recently bought the gorgeous teal bird wrist purse at the bottom, and I have to say it's even lovlier in person! I'm going to use it as a wallet, it's the perfect size. When I was transfering my stuff from my old wallet, I realised that my last 3 wallets have all had a bird on the front... what could that mean? That my money likes to fly away? Probably...
Holly makes her wares in the beautiful capital of British Columbia, Victoria (which is just an hour and a half ferry ride from Vancouver)and creates her leather pieces using the traditional techniques by dyeing, printing, stitching, embossing, moulding, carving, painting and riveting them.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yaelfran hails from the exotic locale of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I haven't travelled to South America yet, but Argentina (Patagonia especially) is up there with the Galapagos Islands as must see's!
This mom of two is a graphic designer by trade, and in her free time dreams up these adorable little characters to feature in her digitally created prints, pendants and stuffies.
She has such a distinctive style, her pieces are cute, but not too cute. They have a sort of abstract/post modern look that I just love.
The shrink plastic pendant is just the sweetest little thing... it would certainly be something to wear that would get noticed!
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Friday, March 20, 2009


APAK is the Portland, Oregon based husband and wife collaborative art team of Aaron and Ayumi Piland. They create wonderful gouache and acrylic paintings that are exhibited around the world. I have bought from their Etsy shop at least twice now, I absolutely LOVE their Gocco cards! I have a very hard time giving them away, only to the special people who I know will apreciate it will get one... suffice it to say I still haven't parted with too many of them!
I love these colourful new limited edition prints, they take me to another world of fantasy and fun, they really let your imagination take flight!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Atomic Lodge

Atomic Lodge is a Milwaukee based husband and wife collaboration of SuZanna Anna and Mykl Stanley. They both have our own individual shops on Etsy (MyklStanley and suzannanna.)
This shop is for joint projects and the more mid century inspired art they do on their own. I happen to LOVE mid century modern decor, which is what drew me to this shop. My own apartment happens to have an awful lot of vintage teak, a great metal sculpture from the 1960's and a good mix of new mid-century modern inspired pieces. I think one of these lovely pieces would be a great addition to my home, but I'm currently out of wall space... when I move though I will be buying one (or four) of these fantastic prints!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Kajsa Wikman is the Finnish artist behind Syko. There is just something about the European sensibility that I'm always drawn to, so folksy yet sophisticated at the same time.
Her work is so colourful and fun, for adults and children alike! She makes everything from quilts to kids clothes, handbags (that I'm particularly coveting!) keychains and pillows. One of her quilts was even feautured in a book called Quilts, Baby! I'm an on again off again quilter myself so this book just might have to go on my "to buy" list!
To see more of her work, click on the post title.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This Seattle based artist makes one-of-a-kind pieces of art using paper, metals and found objects. I can relate to her work because I've always loved scrounging for rusted bits of metal in old industrial area's. There is a ghost town /abandoned gold mine in Bralorne, British Columbia called Pioneer Mines where we used to go when I was a teenager. I always had my eyes on the ground looking for some treasure or another... never found any gold though!
I like what she says in her profile about finding bits of un-claimed history while shifting through the dearth of human castoffs at flea markets and the like.
I love that idea of reclaiming history and breathing new life into it, thus saving it from the landfill.
Check out her shop by clicking on the post title!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Miss Brigette

Brigette B is the lovely and talented artist behind Miss Brigette. After spending 4 years at Cal Arts studying character animation (how much fun would that be?)she is now an artist in her own right creating her won very lively and animated characters. I am absolutely in love with her foxes. They have that little Wile E Coyote glint in their eyes, don't they? They're up to something! And I chose the Rainy day girl becasue that's what I am today... it's just another rainy day in Vancouver!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karen Kang

Karen Kang is an artist living in Santa Monica, California. She started out in social work, but couldn't ignore her creative calling any longer and is now working as an artist. She uses a multitude of techniques in her works, from image transfer, cut paper, pen and ink drawing and the use of vintage book pages (one of my passions!) Her work has a bit of an old fashioned feel about it with a modern edge.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stiletto Heights

I love what artist Jennifer Gordonam writes on her Etsy profile: Mixed media collage art created by someone who is far more Kate Hepburn than Audrey Hepburn. I can so relate to that! Not that I don't love Audrey... but Kate was more of a "pants girl", and so am I!
Jennifer is originally from Manchester NH and has a background in Theatre, English and Art History. Her work definitely has these elements... her prints are romantic yet modern. Her use of colour is superb, subtle and kind of haunting.
She's done everything from being an assistant Art Gallery Director to creating an indie comic book, combining her love of art and the written word.
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Friday, March 13, 2009


Suzanna Scott is the eclectic artist behind Sushipot. She makes her original assemblage, collage, jewellery and stationery in her studio in Manhattan, Kansas. I love the slightly macabre aspect to her assemblage work... there's just something about dismembered doll parts that evokes a little chill...
I love the simplicity of her pendants, it's so nice that this vintage ephemera has a chance for a second life!
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