Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This Seattle based artist makes one-of-a-kind pieces of art using paper, metals and found objects. I can relate to her work because I've always loved scrounging for rusted bits of metal in old industrial area's. There is a ghost town /abandoned gold mine in Bralorne, British Columbia called Pioneer Mines where we used to go when I was a teenager. I always had my eyes on the ground looking for some treasure or another... never found any gold though!
I like what she says in her profile about finding bits of un-claimed history while shifting through the dearth of human castoffs at flea markets and the like.
I love that idea of reclaiming history and breathing new life into it, thus saving it from the landfill.
Check out her shop by clicking on the post title!


LethaColleen said...

Thank you Andrea! What a lovely post :)!

Nancy said...

Lovely work! First time I've seen it, thanks for sharing