Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mincing Mockingbird

I love birds. I guess you could say I'm a bird nerd in training... One day I'll be one of those retirees who are never without their binoculars and Audubon book!
I guess this is why I love Mincing Mockingbird's shop so much... birds, birds and more birds! He's done a great job of capturing a bird's spirit, the way they cock their head and the glint in their eyes. His use of colour is just fantastic and I love how the birds look like they're posing for a portrait.
Mincing Mockingbird is a Los Angeles based artist whose Etsy shop sells everything from Original Acrylic paintings and prints, to magnets and ACEO's.
Click on the post title to see more of his work!


Kim said...

Such gorgeous work. I love the softness and subtlety of each painting.

jinx1764 said...

I just discovered his shop a couple of days ago, too! Very nice work and I love birds, too!

Sam said...

I'm the proud, proud owner of an original Mincing Mockingbird ACEO and a fridge magnet! I think his work is so terrific! So glad I found your blog! It's lovely!

HaroldandJane said...

Wow, beautiful work. Great choice!