Monday, April 27, 2009

Rob Bridges

Rob Bridges is a Kentucky based illustrator and fine artist who also works as a graphic designer. Originally from Los Angeles, he did his studies in Seattle at the Cornish College of the Arts where he got his BFA.
According to his profile he got his start in drawing as a child by not liking to read. His dad thought it would be a good idea to let him draw in the inside flaps of all of his books to boost his interest in reading but all it did was create a kid who liked to doodle. Hey, if it weren’t for that maybe Rob would have become a clown or a plumber or a steel worker...thankfully doodling saved him from that. Not that there’s anything wrong with these professions – actually yes there is when it comes to the clown, I have a clown phobia, I must admit!
He has Giclee Prints, Limited Edition Giclees, some Original Paintings and a very cute One of a Kind sculpture.
Click on the post title to see his shop!

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Kim said...

Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing :)