Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girl Savage

Kate is a Chicago based artist who has created the only kind of taxidermy I can get behind... Feltidermy! A very clever and cute idea indeed! Her little creatures look happy to be on the wall, whereas most mounted animal heads I’ve seen look kind of scared and/or scary... I have relatives In Alberta, Canada who are hunters and have a taxidermy workshop. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight!
I love this quote from her Etsy profile... “Hand stitching allows me to connect and bond with my work and makes me feel as if I'm molding and breathing life into my animals while I'm creating. Kinda like Geppetto!”
Well, Pinnochio happens to be one of my all time favourite Disney films, and Kate definitely makes her little guys with love! Each one is one of a kind and made by her, and her alone.
Click on the post title to check out her creations!


Joyce said...

oo they are very cute!

TheFancyLamb said...

OOohhh, I love this idea. A REAL animal head mounted on the wall frightens me, but I can deal with this!