Friday, May 1, 2009


Megan Bogonovich is an artist and ceramic teacher who lives in Concord New Hampshire. She makes kooky and cool ceramic sculptures and bowls. At first glance you think you’re just looking at normal figurines, then upon closer inspection you see that it’s a man’s head in a nest of baby birds, or a squirrel headed bride standing beside her human headed husband. I love things that make you think... and wonder!
Her bowls are quite beautiful as well. She screen prints the images onto flat porcelain, then pinches them into these cute tiny little bowls! According to her you can only get about 37 peanuts into the bowl, but that’s OK, peanuts are fattening, and 37 is probably a good handful!
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Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

I love these bowls ! Great work!

Sam said...

These are so great - I'm a big fan! Have you seen runnybunny on etsy? She does some "out there" ceramics too!