Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sarah Ogren

Sarah Ogren is a Steger, IL artist who has stories to tell. She has a background in Professional Counseling and uses her art to explore the relationship between an individual’s past and present lives and outer and inner personas.
Through her counselling work she has discovered just how complex a person’s inner life is. Often she has found that there is this secret life within each person and it is this secret life that she explores through her artwork.
While looking at her shop, I was most intrigued by the images of the women with a tree growing out of their neck. I guess we can all come to our own conclusion about the meaning behind that, but it is definitely thought provoking!
Her shop is as eclectic as her art. She has everything from pendants and ornaments to screen prints and original collage. I love what she says in her Etsy profile about collage representing the layers of human personality and experience. I couldn’t agree more.

Click on the post title to visit this most interesting shop!


Sarah Ogren said...

Thank you Andrea for the write-up about me and my work! :)

Jamie's Jewels said...

Thats really interesting..Work above is beautiful..Going to check out the shop :)

Anonymous said...

You have found so many brilliant shops!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

This rabbit illustration is amazing!