Monday, May 18, 2009

If 1 Had Words

Nikki Trexel is a photographer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a passion for photography and in exploring the beauty of something overlooked into something fascinating. That`s what I love about her macro shots... you may look at a grassy field every day of your life and its just... grass. But when you get close to it, frame it in a shot and capture it`s essence, suddenly it`s art!
She sells her original photographic art in pearlescent prints, regular matte prints, framed and matted prints, greeting cards, and calendars.
This is a quote from Etsy shop which I just love. ``The art comes from within, and the camera is the medium.`` So true!
Click on the post title to see her shop!


Hero's Cousin said...

Thanks for the feature - it's quite an honor! Have a great day :)

Savon Shoppe said...

awesome love your blog.

Waterstone Jewelry said...

The photos are beautiful.

TMCPhoto said...

I was just thinking about how photography is not just about capturing light but also about framing your subject within the lens to guide the viewer into a moment of your choosing.

These images are one more reason why I have have have to invest in a macro lens and soon.