Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Amy Stoner is the creative mind behind Colorworks. In Canada we would call her Colourworks, but I digress. (:
She creates these beautiful Encaustic Paintings and Collages in her Portland, Oregon studio. Encaustic is an age old technique of painting with molten natural beeswax. I did an encaustic workshop a couple of years ago and it was a blast! The best smelling art to make, that’s for sure! Many of her pieces contain collage elements including hand-pulled carved woodblock prints that she makes on my Richeson etching press, as well as drawings, art paper, fabric and vintage ephemera .
She paints only on recycled and reclaimed wood, so that it gets a second life as beautiful, original art. I’m a sucker for anything that is repurposed. Why throw it away when it can be made beautiful or useful?
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Tessa said...

Awesome! I love encaustic paintings!! :)

Melody said...