Friday, April 10, 2009

Niki Tichakova

Niki Tichakova is a Czechoslovakian/ Canadian artist who makes the most incredible kraslice-painted carved eggshells and gingerbread art. I bought these three cookies at The One of a Kind Show when I was there and thought what better to blog about around Easter than these beautiful cookies? They really are too beautiful to eat (having said that I'm sure temptation will call ...)
Just look at the fine detail in the icing, the little tiny dots, the delicate flowing lines on the flowers and bunny. Oh, did I mention that they smell just heavenly? She uses all natural ingredients, and honey from local honeygrowers.
Click on the post title to check out her website and other art.


kim* said...

wow pretty amazing!

paperhill said...

those are truly works of art!

BrigaBauble said...

Having lived in the Czech Republic for two years, those cookies bring back such beautiful, tasty memories. Thanks for sharing! I'm totally going to check out her website.