Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chet and Dot

How totally adorable are these guys? Just look at their little faces, so sweet!
This Portland, Oregon based artist makes a wide range of goods, her shop is huge! The stuffies are my favourite thing... one day I might be one of those adults with a room full of stuffed creatures that no one can play with!
She does some Gocco printed fabric pincushions that are just wonderful, and all sorts of zip pouches and jewellery too!
I thought her shop was a good Easter fit because of this cute little chickie, as well as the fact that her family has just welcomed some new members into their home. Check out her blog to see who! (peep peep) The address is under blogs on the sidebar.
To see her shop click on the post title!


Hey Harriet said...

Oh how sweet are these!?! I love the simplicity of the designs. Just gorgeous! And they look so soft and cuddly :)

WhimsicalXpressions said...

They are too cute, would have been perfect for Easter :)