Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bake it Pretty

Amanda Krueger is the baking maven behind Bake it Pretty. I was so delighted when I found her Etsy shop late one night, and just had to buy some of the cutest cupcake cups I've ever seen in my entire life!(see top photo)
Her DIY kits are just adorable too, I'm now coveting the cake toppers (again, see photo!) The way I see it, if you can do something like make cupcakes a little more stylish and sweet, why wouldn't you? White cupcake cups are so passé!
She has everything from candy jimmies to decorating nibs and packaging supplies. I now have enough baking cups to last me 5 years, why do I still want more?
I also really dig her blogs. Look under blog links on the sidebar for Every Little Thing and the Bake it Pretty Blog.
See her shop by clicking on the post title!


maryjmaalouf said...

What a great shop! I have never seen such awesome cupcake cups!

Light and Writing said...

So yummy and pretty all at once! You have wonderful finds on your blog!
p.s. found you via etsy forums. off to look at you jewelry.

SarahBeeCreations said...

I love that you call them jimmies!
I get made fun of for calling them that around here.

kim* said...

how very colorful:)

Amanda said...

Wow! Thank you SO much for the mention, I really appreciate it! :) Bake It Pretty loves you! And happy baking!

Ryan said...

Great pick.
I love baking cupcakes, I'll definitely have to check out this shop